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Promotional Scripting

I'm working on a film script as a promotional tool for my new book, "An Unexpected Turn of Events". I realized in order to show Konrad Kane's (the hero in the book) upward arc from disadvantaged, bullied and generally downtrodden lad, to that of a rock-n-roll Superstar, I would need to have some rock music… Continue reading Promotional Scripting

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Comics, Xray specs and Bogies (Boogers)

Another blast from the past, 2004 to be exact, from my alter ego 'Spindrift'. As well as talking about comics like the Eagle, dandy etc, and then moving onto X-ray specs and stamps. I then embarrass myself (cringng at the moment) as I use accents ranging from "Only Fools and Horses", to fighter pilots engaged… Continue reading Comics, Xray specs and Bogies (Boogers)

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Jack Vettriano, worms and the launch of Jordan’s book that contained no words…

Back in 2004 Spindrift questioned why Jack Vettriano didn't merit his paintings hanging in the National Gallery of Scotland, and had his own ideas why they weren't gracing the walls of the gallery. He then moved on and wondered why gangs of builders wearing hard hats were watering the ground in Inverness. Finishing this fourth… Continue reading Jack Vettriano, worms and the launch of Jordan’s book that contained no words…

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Grand Theft Train!

They like to do things differently in Eastern Europe, there, when they carry out a train robbery they do it properly... they steal the train! Not content with that, they come back for for the rails! Just one of the things Spindrift tells us about in Spindrift 3. He also asks if theres should be… Continue reading Grand Theft Train!