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VideoBook Writers and Producers.

My VideoBook Studio I have started a group for VideoBook Writers on Facebook, it is called (imaginatively) "VideoBook Writers and Producers" So, What's a VideoBook? The VideoBook group on Facebook is designed to allow authors or writers of any description another outlet and possible potential revenue stream for their work.Thus far the concept of VideoBooks… Continue reading VideoBook Writers and Producers.

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To plot or not to plot? That is the question…

I was talking to a friend on Facebook when the question arose; "How do you write a story? Do you plot everything out before you write a word?" I pondered the question and this is the answer... I was originally taught to plot everything from A to Z, something the teacher did!I discovered, over my… Continue reading To plot or not to plot? That is the question…

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Save Santa At a picnic on a beach the youngest child of the Morton family, Silver, discovers a strange stone in the surf which speaks to her. The children tell their parents the stone speaks to them and is the property of Santa Claus. Their parents smile indulgently, not believing a word, thinking it is just… Continue reading Save Santa