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One Man’s Fault.

As John Milton wrote in his epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’. 

“Ah, why should all mankind for one man's fault, be condemned, If guiltless?”

Such is the case of Wilson Small in Kenneth J Matthews’ book, “One Man’s Fault.

Wilson Small created the crisis and is now the ONLY person who can save Humanity being deleted from the history of the planet Earth…


Animation of ‘The Santa Stone’

This is the animated forest scene from my book ‘The Santa Stone’, here the children meet the ‘Godfairy’, who may, or may not, be able to help them… The Godfairy is not very happy when she finds out that the ‘Warriors’, who have been foretold to save the world and Santa Claus, from the evil… Continue reading Animation of ‘The Santa Stone’

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I wrote this particular comment several years ago and have published several books (look-up Kenneth J Matthews on Amazon) since this blog appeared on Facebook. Why the memory? Hilda has started spring-cleaning again... My partner is currently spring cleaning and I have caught the bug and am clearing out my computer/writing room. During the activity… Continue reading Spring-cleaning



Kenneth J. Matthews

This is a scene taken from my novel “The Chronicle of Konrad Kane” Konrad finds that people can be cruel to young boys when he is attacked at work.

This is a reading taken from my book “The Chronicle of Konrad Kane”. The novel is very loosely based on incidents taken from my own life, from boy soldier at a military school to Rock superstar (I never actually made it to superstardom, hence it’s a novel…). This reading is an account of a true incident in my life, shortly before I started in a band. I had started work as an engineering apprentice and found myself at the mercy of a fearsome bully… (Names and places have been changed)

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