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I wrote this particular comment several years ago and have published several books (look-up Kenneth J Matthews on Amazon) since this blog appeared on Facebook. Why the memory? Hilda has started spring-cleaning again... My partner is currently spring cleaning and I have caught the bug and am clearing out my computer/writing room. During the activity… Continue reading Spring-cleaning



Kenneth J. Matthews

This is a scene taken from my novel “The Chronicle of Konrad Kane” Konrad finds that people can be cruel to young boys when he is attacked at work.

This is a reading taken from my book “The Chronicle of Konrad Kane”. The novel is very loosely based on incidents taken from my own life, from boy soldier at a military school to Rock superstar (I never actually made it to superstardom, hence it’s a novel…). This reading is an account of a true incident in my life, shortly before I started in a band. I had started work as an engineering apprentice and found myself at the mercy of a fearsome bully… (Names and places have been changed)

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