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One Man’s Fault.

As John Milton wrote in his epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’. 

“Ah, why should all mankind for one man's fault, be condemned, If guiltless?”

Such is the case of Wilson Small in Kenneth J Matthews’ book, “One Man’s Fault.

Wilson Small created the crisis and is now the ONLY person who can save Humanity being deleted from the history of the planet Earth…

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I wrote this particular comment several years ago and have published several books (look-up Kenneth J Matthews on Amazon) since this blog appeared on Facebook. Why the memory? Hilda has started spring-cleaning again... My partner is currently spring cleaning and I have caught the bug and am clearing out my computer/writing room. During the activity… Continue reading Spring-cleaning

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Promotional Scripting

I'm working on a film script as a promotional tool for my new book, "An Unexpected Turn of Events". I realized in order to show Konrad Kane's (the hero in the book) upward arc from disadvantaged, bullied and generally downtrodden lad, to that of a rock-n-roll Superstar, I would need to have some rock music… Continue reading Promotional Scripting

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Meteorite strike. A short reading from my new book "Gravitational Pull". Our hero's experiment comes to the attention of the local constabulary who call in a renowned expert on extra-terrestrial matters. Jordan Harte's world is about to be turned upside down when his anti-gravity device is pulled from a crater.

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Death by using the Covid 19 Pandemic.

I find writing a story far easier than actually writing a blurb to advertise the book. With that in mind I have agonised over the last few days trying to do that very thing, write a blurb to advertise "Lethal Transmission", my new book. I'm fairly happy with this effort. An illegal party hosted by… Continue reading Death by using the Covid 19 Pandemic.