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Meteorite strike. A short reading from my new book "Gravitational Pull". Our hero's experiment comes to the attention of the local constabulary who call in a renowned expert on extra-terrestrial matters. Jordan Harte's world is about to be turned upside down when his anti-gravity device is pulled from a crater.

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VideoBook Writers and Producers.

My VideoBook Studio I have started a group for VideoBook Writers on Facebook, it is called (imaginatively) "VideoBook Writers and Producers" So, What's a VideoBook? The VideoBook group on Facebook is designed to allow authors or writers of any description another outlet and possible potential revenue stream for their work.Thus far the concept of VideoBooks… Continue reading VideoBook Writers and Producers.

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Comics, Xray specs and Bogies (Boogers)

Another blast from the past, 2004 to be exact, from my alter ego 'Spindrift'. As well as talking about comics like the Eagle, dandy etc, and then moving onto X-ray specs and stamps. I then embarrass myself (cringng at the moment) as I use accents ranging from "Only Fools and Horses", to fighter pilots engaged… Continue reading Comics, Xray specs and Bogies (Boogers)


The Third Eye

The Third Eye A reading from my new novel (nearing completion), "The Third Eye". Samuel Heath has displayed extraordinary abilities since he had a near-fatal accident and was used as a guinea-pig in an experimental procedure using stem cells. The results were astonishing, far better than expected, now Samuel Heath is wanted by the security… Continue reading The Third Eye


Lesser Expectations

This is a video reading from my novel "Lesser Expectations". In this excerpt, the suspected serial murderer Thomas Job Mitchell Jr, is brought in for questioning by the Police. This has happened many times before and he's always been released. Mitchell Junior is confident he'll escape justice and walk once again, but things have changed… Continue reading Lesser Expectations