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One Man’s Fault.

As John Milton wrote in his epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’. 

“Ah, why should all mankind for one man's fault, be condemned, If guiltless?”

Such is the case of Wilson Small in Kenneth J Matthews’ book, “One Man’s Fault.

Wilson Small created the crisis and is now the ONLY person who can save Humanity being deleted from the history of the planet Earth…

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Promotional Scripting

I'm working on a film script as a promotional tool for my new book, "An Unexpected Turn of Events". I realized in order to show Konrad Kane's (the hero in the book) upward arc from disadvantaged, bullied and generally downtrodden lad, to that of a rock-n-roll Superstar, I would need to have some rock music… Continue reading Promotional Scripting

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The Devil sends a message…

She stole six Manuscripts from the Devil, now the Devil wants them Back! The Vulgare Manuscripts. A reading by the author Kenneth J. Matthews taken from the novel he's currently writing, "The Vulgare Manuscripts", the third book in the series of 'One Man's Fault', with 'The Beholden' being the second.... Berta Kristiansen seeks help… Continue reading The Devil sends a message…