Lesser Expectations

Within a week of entering his own name into Google, and getting in touch with a website, strange things are happening to Thomas Job Mitchell and Lauren Ross his partner. Things get stranger when they receive a telephone call asking them to a meeting in Edinburgh. At the meeting Tom learns his father, reported killed in action in WW2, had survived the war and just died... A billionaire!

At the reading of his father’s will, Tom learns that 98% of his father’s business has been left to him. He also finds he has a half-brother who fled to Brazil to escape several murder charges. When Tom’s half brother Junior, discovers the details of his father’s Will and learns he has received nothing other than a half-brother, Junior vows to get his inheritance back whatever the cost.

Lord Bradscot, Junior’s protector in Brazil is a powerful man, the owner of a snuff film studio. His only interest in Junior Mitchell has always been to relieve him of the expected inheritance. Both men are outraged when they learn the expected fortune has gone to the newly revealed half-brother. However, because of a clause common in high value Wills, Junior has a month to kill his half-brother and claim the fortune. Junior Mitchell with Lord Bradscot’s forces at his command, has one month to kill Thomas Job Mitchell and his family.

Thomas Job Mitchell and his family has to try and survive that month!