Another Place.

I have been beavering away trying to get my narration and video skills (such as they are...) to gel. I'm quite pleased with this effort. This reading is taken from my Young Adult novel "The Santa Stone". When I was at a literary Agent's open day, it was suggested that I should be a little… Continue reading Another Place.

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The Writer’s Open Day…

Had an interesting day today, I like to think of it as an audition for a literary agent, Sort of "Britain's Got Writers". It was a Literary agent's open day in Edinburgh. I have to tell you it was like "Britain's got talent" in one sense, the room was packed and everyone was excited... I… Continue reading The Writer’s Open Day…

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After much sweating, learning and mopping of fevered brow, I seem to have my website up and running more-or-less correctly, at least the menus seem to go to the right places... I'm beginning to think that literary agents belong to the Jurassic period as far as modern day society is concerned. My wrestling with… Continue reading Extinction.