The Santa Stone

On a flight back to his home base after finishing delivering Christmas presents to the children of the world, Santa Claus’ sleigh is attacked by giant condors. All the contents of Santa’s sleigh, and his personal possessions are lost in the attack, which ends when Santa is carried away by the birds.

Laura and Dylan Morton were enjoying a day at the beach with their three children, Summer, Phoenix and Silver. Towards the end of the day the youngest girl Silver, found a stone in the surf and claimed it spoke to her, a claim treated indulgently by her parents who could hear nothing.

That night there was a violent storm ⚡️and when the children didn’t get out of their beds in the morning, Laura checked and found them in a coma. The doctor was called and the house was placed in Quarantine as other cases had occurred in the village.

While the parents worried about their children who lay in a coma, Summer, Phoenix and Silver, as if in a dream, had left the house and entered the world of MU. Once there, they discovered their arrival had been foretold and their mission was to rescue Santa Claus from his evil half-brother, the wizard Malocadir, who had Santa Claus imprisoned in one of the dungeons of Pendragon Castle.

The story follows the children’s adventures in the world of Mu as they attempt to rescue Santa, while also following the parents who are battling authorities who want to take control of the comatose children and make them Wards of Court.