My writing extends over many many years. This video clip of my saga ‘The Laissez-Faire Inheritance’ is taken from the first year of the saga, which I started to write at least 18years ago. The finished books will cover a span of 300 years. I got side-tracked by attempting to make an animated feature film of the first book, this is that attempt. The Earth is affected by the tail of a long term comet which deletes the human male chromosome, meaning all human life will cease when the last person dies! However …

I also have other books on the back-burner. “Cage” a story about a ‘garden shed’ inventor who discovers, and can control, anti-gravity.

“Forty Miles of Rain.” A story about a man who suddenly finds himself in the past, Hollywood in the 1910’s. His problem? His son who is at boarding school in the present day is going to be killed, unless he can prevent it from the past … Oooo …

Spindrift blowing off the tops of waves.

Spindrift came about in the year 2004 when I wrote a speculative newspaper column and sent it to editors of several daily newspapers with the hope they would take me on as a columnist, alas it did not happen. As I was writing the columns I was also recording them for my website, A Site for Sore Eyes”, which sadly ceased when my web provider, Blueyonder, changed their policy and did away with free websites. The site catered for the blind and visually impaired and was largely made up of audio files that could be downloaded or streamed to computers for them to listen to. Remember this was in 2004 and the web was not as useful to anybody with a visual handicap as it is today… It was amazing how many listeners visited my site and I firmly believe it was a service to the community. One day Dave Williams of ACB radio spotted my site and offered me a weekly spot on his station which I accepted, recording a show for the radio for about eighteen months. Happily I saved all my programmes! So, here is what was happening in the years 2004 to 2005.

Spindrift , the audio column.

The Spindrift column was always written tongue in cheek as I had some fun with the news, TV programmes and rumours that abounded at the time, trying to distil the essence of 2004 into something that may have actually resembled the truth. Or, I simply had some fun with the facts… This recording is the promotional audio advert for the program. The Spindrift files will be posted in the Blog column.